Winter is here but you don't have to fly south for the winter. Eastgate Pools & Spas has lots of goodies that will help you get through the long cold months that await. Hot tubs and EdenPURE quartz room heaters will warm you up, both inside and out. And you don't stop eating during the winter so why stop grilling? With a Swiss Grill or Kamado Joe Ceramic Grill, outdoor winter cooking is a gourmet event. Prefer your activities to be inside? Everyone enjoys a fun game of pool, darts, or cards and Eastgate Pools & Spas has what you need to turn the family game room into the family fun room.

Come see us and we'll help shovel away the winter blues.

Eastgate Pools & Spas can make it all come true.


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NEW Product Line!!!!

Eastgate Pools is excited to present Kamado Joe charcoal smokers. Kamado Joe is a master of the slow-and-low theory for balanced cooking all around. Smoke infuses flavor all around on the Kamado Joe. Built to the highest quality standards, Kamado Joe charcoal grills are versatile, unique and made to last a lifetime.

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