It's official! We have reached fall. Yes, the autumnal equinox occurred September 23rd and that means summer if over. Finished. Caput! For many of you it is a time to rear-view mirror the summer past and to look forward to the holidays and a new year. But don't get ahead of yourself. There's a lot to enjoy during the last quarter of 2014. Is there a more beautiful time of year than now? The fall colors are changing, the weather is generally pleasant, and there are still lots to do outside. We are pleased to help you find great outdoor furniture, grills, spas and of course, swimming pools! There's so much to get excited about. Stop in and let us help you create your own backyard resort. Picture yourself dozing off in a comfortable lounge chair next to a beautiful, crystal clear swimming pool. A gentle breeze delicately sways the canopy umbrella that protects you from the hot sun while your children splash happily in the pool. Ah - this is indeed the life! It's in your own backyard and you are experiencing Resort Living At Home.

Eastgate Pools & Spas can make it all come true.


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NEW Product Line!!!!

Eastgate Pools is excited to present Kamado Joe charcoal smokers. Kamado Joe is a master of the slow-and-low theory for balanced cooking all around. Smoke infuses flavor all around on the Kamado Joe. Built to the highest quality standards, Kamado Joe charcoal grills are versatile, unique and made to last a lifetime.

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